A couple of days in January.

Sometimes whole month passes by without anything significant happening, sometimes it’s just a couple of days worth remembering.


After spending such a nice time in Slovenia it was again time to say goodbye and go back to sad reality. Whereas even weather is quite sad, rainy and grey all the time like you would imagine proper autumn in London could look like.


Then there were days of some snow, but snow disappeared just at the moment it touched the ground, so, quite a childish dream of having white winter was covered in the pouring rain. There were no days to wait for, no holidays ahead to look forward to. Just silly, long January.


Then suddenly my partner got to come to visit me. How happy it made me, you have no idea. There was no more zero motivation kinda thing. I had something to look forward to. Again.


But then you have to say goodbye again. You can’t stop time and just look each other in the eyes like in the movies. Then is just standing alone on the train station and looking at a plane flying up, to the grey sky, far away from you. You can’t cry every time, because you’re used to that. But it’s always sad.


Now it’s just exams ahead. And February, when I will be back in Norway for a whole month (!). But about that – later.


Hope you guys enjoyed my little retrospective post. I thought it’s a nice way to wrap up an entire month. I learned that there’s always something good to look forward to, even if you don’t know about it yet. Just keep going. Don’t give up.


Have a nice Sunday and the following week guys! See you, if I will have time, on Wednesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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