A poem for hope.

So I wrote a little poem. Enjoy.

One day
One day the flowers will spring out
Of the ground, one day
We will find the same spot to
Welcome our old memories, one day
It’s not that far away but never been
Further than those days, one day
We will all admire the blue sky above
Our hopefull, happy dreams.

One day the sun will cover
The face again in May, one day
It shall all be forgotten what is
Bad, one day
We will all be just simple people
Like we always wanted to be, one day
I will drive you around and you
Will smile.

One day.


I know this is extremely short, but I hope you liked it. Sometimes I get inspiration out of nowhere and write poems like that. I have noticed you guys don’t hate my work so I will put my poems from time to time here, for a change.

See you guys soon! Have a nice week!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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