Welcome back, Norway.

Have you ever left a country with a feeling you’re leaving something more than just a piece of land with its own flag? I came back to that. Short-term, but hello Norway!


It was all planned months before because I kinda knew my schedule at the university will be quite loose in February. I, fortunately, finished all my exams before the month started, so I just packed and went. No worrying, no doubting, just passport in hand and head up high.


Last time I was in Norway was in September, where everything was still summerish or early autumnish. Now the whole country is covered in snow and it goes down to -20 degrees, so the “winter” that I have in Poland is kinda a joke comparing to this. Of course, I have some winter jacket and shoes, so no problem. But that’s something. I missed Norway in the snow. That’s what you don’t get in central Europe.


Coming here was like entering winter wonderland, where everyone speaks a different language and has a completely different attitude (although I understand the language, mostly). And just the feeling of coming back somewhere, where so many things started just made me simply smile. Hello back, Norway! Hope it will be a joyful stay (1 month).


Hope you guys enjoyed my little post and see you on Wednesday! Have a lovely weekend (or just Sunday at least).

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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