Building up confidence.

There are certain things in life that can make one fall hard to the point there’s no more confidence left. Sometimes we lack it from the beginning. How to get up from there and is it possible?


Realizing bad habits

C’mon, everyone has them. Bigger or smaller. Drinking too much and coming home completely wasted or eating snacks in the middle of the night so the family won’t see it. All of that has a huge impact on our confidence, but most of the times it is on rather an unconscious level than on the conscious one. It requires a lot of self-critique and self-awareness to be able to see and say that this and that bad habit makes me feel no confidence at all.¬† It means we have to study ourselves, what we do during the day and what gives us bad feeling after all. You know this feeling after eating too many cookies at once? That’s what I mean. Try to notice those bad habits and slowly work on removing them or replacing them with something more positive (instead of eating snacks in the middle of the night, read a book).


A proper perspective on past

There’re sometimes such strong things from past that seems to hold on to us and don’t let us breathe freely. Letting go of past is probably one of the hardest mental work one can do, in my honest opinion. To stop bad things that already happened from affecting the present and future is quite hard, but not impossible. Just the right perspective on things is the key to win in this game. Let say that you lost your job last year and that makes you have no confidence in yourself and prevent you from looking for a job as much as you suppose to. It’s a so-called endless circle: you’re scared of losing a job so you don’t look for one, you don’t get the job because of being scared of losing something you don’t yet have. You have to view your past as an experience that makes you wiser. You need to look at it as something you can benefit from, not suffer. Just because once something bad happened, doesn’t mean it will happen again (as from this experience you possess tools to prevent it).


Building up skills and taking care of yourself

That’s the easiest from all the above that I have mentioned. Because everyone, at the end of the day, knows how to put on a facemask, prepare good ol’ bath and get himself some good book to read. But taking care of yourself is also preparing healthy meals, sleeping enough and not stressing too much. Both physicality and mentality are important because that’s what we’re composed of. And skills are something we need, to do things well in life – and doing things well gives the biggest boost in confidence you can have because there comes also satisfaction. Learn basic life-skills as cooking, cleaning or paying bills and upgrade your own personal one, f.ex. if you’re a good guitar player, learn new songs or search for a band to play in. Simple.


That’s all for today. Thank you all for reading and hope you’re having a fantastic, confident week so far. See you on Sunday!



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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