Mental pain.

Something that we never really see, like we don’t see love, hate or kindness. We don’t physically see pain, but when it gets us, we crawl in bed. It’s all there, in the head.

I don’t know why I seem to pick up such hard topics, but I think like there aren’t enough people writing about things like that. I believe that most of us can feel better if they can find something they can relate to – when it comes to bad feeling or being in a bad place. Life isn’t just flowers or rainbows like some social media stars present it.


If only we knew the exact date where we will feel terrible mental pain so we could prepare. Take a festive box of tissues, maybe one dark beer, light up a candle and prepare some comforting playlist. Then we wouldn’t hurt anyone close to us. Then we would share one or a few smiles during the day rather than none. Because the vision of being better would be certain – as we’re prepared for recovery.


The worst times are when the pain is yours and only your fault. When you have done something terrible, said something even worse and now you can only see things falling. Sometimes a little bit down, sometimes whole kilometers, into the Mariana Trench’s deepness.


Sometimes it happens. Then, we have to know how to act, react, in order not to hurt ourselves even more or not hurt other people at all. Some group of actions to prevent from falling in the previously mentioned Mariana Trench. No one wants to end up there, don’t they?


I wrote this post a long time ago, but I hesitated for quite some time. From one side I know it’s important to speak about such things, but on the other, I worry how people may receive it. I hope at least one person found it helpful or could relate. (I also wanted to share pictures I took recently and that’s a great opportunity). Anyway, see you guys on Wednesday and have a great week!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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