A short essay about Norway.

A little bit about the region that I live in, Innlandet (it used to be called Hedmark) from my perspective. Also, trying out a new style of writing.

Here dark meets no light in the night. The darkness falls over the foresty fields somewhere around the time when Englishmen make their afternoon tea. And people stay at home, not because of the fear of the dark, but simply because it’s hygge to be inside at those times. It’s hygge with candles lit, a piece of cake, cheeky little coffee and cozy music in the background. Some would also call it koselig (Norwegian version of cozy, hygge is quite untranslatable). 


Here lives the fear of wild animals crossing the street while driving in the pitch-black darkness. One’s driving on the way from Sweden, after many hours of shopping, with a car filled up with plenty of goodies, but their fear is still there, crippling behind the back. When turning off long lights, because another car is approaching, there’s no safety in front. It’s all pure luck if the car will be not smashed this time. Some people go through whole life here not hitting the moose even once  – some of them do it very early.


Here, on a way to work, one can spot a woman in military clothes riding a horse holding a cigarette shamelessly. No one bats the eye, but when a fancy, Oslo-like dressed couple enter the restaurant in the nearby town, people seem moved. Small cities. But no one has to wear make-up, no one has to dress suits and it’s completely fine if someone comes to a restaurant with working clothes and “working hands”.


Here old people gather together every weekend to go eat out, and they don’t care about money or anything, just laugh, nice conversations and maybe an alcohol-free beer is in their mind. They all are dressed nicely, have earrings and pearly pieces on their necks and never forget to say how good food was. But some of them are also very lonely and come to eat by themselves and are more than happy if the waitress asks them any question or propose a coffee.


Here people don’t change jobs, they order the same or similar food every time they go to the same restaurant and what is most important they rarely complain. If there’s a long queue at the checkout, they wait patiently and calmly, and when one’s crossing the street, they will surely stop to let the pedestrian go.


Here you are safe from robbery, mean and aggressive people. Here you can have peace from noise, dust, and all that man-made stuff. But here you have to take care of yourself because no one else will do that for you. Because everyone is minding their own business, and it’s not in a bad way. It’s rough here, like the weather.


Thank you so much for reading. I hope it isn’t that bad as I see it, but hopefully one day I will get better with my writing. See you soon and have a nice rest of the week everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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