Going away for couple of days & coronavirus.

I finally got to travel and I would normally be excited about it but…

So I’m traveling to Slovenia for 5 days because of a big celebration in my boyfriend’s family. I should be excited and all over the moon but the thing is, with all this coronavirus outbreak, especially in Italy which is bordering with Slovenia, it’s quite harsh. I can just hope that in two or more days it won’t all blow up in where I’m heading also.


But anyway, we’re planning to do most of our trip, go to a hairdresser, dentist, maybe travel around the country with a car, if it won’t be bad weather. On Saturday we have the big party and then on Monday, we’re heading back. Unfortunately both ways we have indirect flights, which equals more stress. I guess we will “destress” when we’re back here. Because what kind of virus can even get to this place?


I hope you all are in safe places, far away from the virus and if you have to be around it – remember to clean your hands, avoid public places and if you feel bad, don’t go to the hospital (call emergency instead). I know those are the basics, but maybe there’s still someone who doesn’t know, so it’s better to spread the word. Enjoy the rest of the week and see you on Sunday! (with a prescheduled post of course).

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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