Norway during the COVID-19.

I know this topic is everywhere right now, but I had to write about it, especially since there might be a lot of confusion or misunderstandings out there. And for the record, I have no profit from writing about it whatsoever. (I won’t write about symptoms and things like that, because I don’t want to repeat all the information’s already available. This is just a post for those living in Norway).

I mentioned the situation briefly in the previous posts: Hamar trip. and Going away for couple of days & coronavirus. I never imagined the situation will turn so bad, here in Norway, but that’s what we have now. Current stats, as for 18.03 12:01 pm is 4 dead, 72 taken to the hospital, 29 tested positive today, 1499 confirmed sick, 28.522 tested until now. All the information is taken from the website: You can follow it if you want to see in which county (fylke) or commune (kommune) is the virus and how many people have it.


The number that you need to know if you currently live or are stuck in Norway:

  • 116 117legevakt the closest available doctor, which you call if you can’t reach your fastlege, your family doctor
  • 113 the ambulance number, which you call only if you’re in the danger of losing a life
  • +47 62 95 69 92 / +47 62 95 69 91 numbers to call in case if you think you might be infected, so they will tell you what to do next, etc.

If you don’t feel too bad, but you suspect something, then call the last number instead of legevakt or ambulance, because those in bigger need might be waiting in line because of you (a lot of people are calling those numbers above right now).


The other rules that you need to know are that if you came to Norway from abroad now, or a couple of days ago (generally speaking, from 27th of February) you have to go through 14 days of quarantine. So for example if you were in Spain last weekend, you go home and sit there 14 days. If your workplace isn’t close and other colleagues are working, you have to take sykemelding from the doctor and still sit at home. Don’t go to work.


When it comes to food shopping, don’t hoard food. Buy just the amount that you need for a week or two. I see people in Poland emptying all the food shops and I’m scared it will happen here too. Just think about everyone, not just about yourself. And if you’re under 14 days of quarantine, then ask your neighbor or on a local group if someone can do the shopping for you. Trust me, they will be more willing to do your shopping, then heal from the virus that you could have spread.


And most important – stay at home. Avoid partying, going to pubs, shopping centers. However, you can still enjoy what Norway has the best – nature. Take a walk. Don’t go as the whole family though. Take a dog or go alone, and avoid parks and typically crowded places. Go to the forest, or climb a mountain. Here, in this country, the possibilities for a good, old nature walk are endless.


If you can’t work, because there’s basically no job for you (you work in a restaurant as a waitress or in a hotel), then you can ask for permittering at your workplace, to get at least some amount of money for those days you can’t work. You can get more information on

That’s it for me today. I hope it was useful or informative at least for someone. Maybe I will do on Sunday some tips on how to survive two weeks at home and don’t go nuts, I don’t know yet. I hope you’ all healthy and having a calm week so far. Stay calm and wash your hands!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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