Rainy Sundays are for baking.

I mean we have a proper summer right now, not gonna lie, the temperatures are rising up to 27 degrees – but the rain is always coming sooner or later.

However I don’t hate rain, I personally find it very calming and relaxing, especially when it’s hot like those days. Open windows, no sound beside the tiny drops hitting the wooden patio.

Those days I get wish to bake (okay, also because I ran out of all the chocolates) and I usually don’t like to follow any specific recipes. They often involve ingredients that I don’t have in my kitchen, like sour cream or sour milk so I just go for the simple ones and improvise. Here I made two crunch cake layers and in between condensed milk mixed with almonds. Voila!

Now starts something called fellesferie in Norway, which is basically a time of the year where most people have their vacations, I mean like 3 weeks free from work. Mine start next week, but before that I have to work more than usual, because some people are already missing at my workplace. It’s quite tough.

What are my plans for ferie? Well, to be honest I still don’t know… my parents come for a weekend so that’s nice, and we will probably go to Oslo and Hamar. I was thinking to go to Poland, but since I’m not vaccinated and I’ve never had the sickness I don’t think that’s very good idea. In the worst case scenario if I would go there, they would change rules or I would get sick. Not fun.

I will probably stay where I’m now, paint, run and read books. Maybe upload more here about some bits and bobs of everyday life. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a lovely summer so far and see you soon with a new post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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