Nature – a poem.

The evenings after work are usually very unproductive – but sometimes they turn into a proper art spectacle: here’s both my artworks and my poem.

For all the winds,
that blew and will blow
and get through the hair and tangle it
And for the hands, that went through the hair
to untangle the thoughts, that stuck.
Will we also stay, will we also grow?
Nature will tell, future is raw.

Through the trees the wind went,
untangled and the force wasn’t weak.
It left a mark, but the trees didn’t notice,
it wasn’t much, in the lifetime contrast.

The last one is still unfinished, if you want to see the finished one (which will come up in the following days) follow me on @onlythedigital (my art account).

I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend so far! Mine was mostly just work and nothing much. My creativity unfortunately is quite unmanageable: I could have 4-5 free days and do nothing, but one day I come from work and I would just create. Anyway, have a nice Sunday and see you soon with a new post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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