Rainbows, cats & hikes.

Today’s a mixture of photos from last week, and therefore a mixture of thoughts. Welcome back (after long break).

Lately I’m feeling quite a lot like myself. I came back to the old hobbies, like reading, drawing and running (or in general: being active) and that makes me feel more happy. I’ve been avoiding many things, like this blog, mainly because I was trying to find the old happiness that I got in writing posts. I think that for the past at least one and half years I had been struggling to be fully myself and those small things that I’ve been always doing and just stopped – I feel like that’s a good way to go.

From lighter stuff: we’ve got a couple of visits from a very friendly neighbor cat, although our cat unfortunately doesn’t like him. He was just sitting on the window and watching him from the safety of inside, while the other one was just chilling on our grass. It would be so nice if they would become buddies, it would be like if I had 2 cats instead of one! (joking).

I had those 3 weeks free and now it’s back to normality. I must say, even if those free days were quite monotonic and boring to a point, they were very much needed. Sometimes we don’t realize how much stress we gather throughout the weeks and weeks of work until it’s suddenly stops.

Like I said I’ve been very active lately. Running, hiking and of course a lot physical activity at work. All that, while I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with my health. While one problems become solved, new ones appear, and it’s like that for more than one year now. I’m trying to be optimistic and see through it, but it’s many times very difficult to find motivation.

But hey, couple of days ago we saw some crazy rainbows. And weather is nice. And I’ve found some old things that I love doing exciting again. Live isn’t that bad as we sometimes think it is.

Have a lovely week everyone and see you (maybe on Sunday) soon!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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