September – a poem.

I wrote it originally in Norwegian, so (as always) there will be an English version as well.

Det luktes september
i luften,
lukt av grill og kjære
fra toget til Lillehammer.
Og den svarte genseren –
husker du den?
Først pils med gjengen
utenfor skolen.
Det føles som det var
noen andre sitt liv.
Er det ditt liv som jeg tjuvde?

September er i luften.
Skynd deg,
det kommer mørket
med den duften.

*** translation ***

There’s smell of September
in the air,
Scent of grill and dear
from the train to Lillehammer.
And the black sweater –
du you remember it?
First beer with friends
outside of the school.
It feels like it was
someone else’s life.
Is it your life I thieved?

September is in the air.
it comes darkness
with this scent.


Personally I like the Norwegian (original) version much better, but hence my whole blog was and will always be just in English I had to translate it. Those of you who know Norwegian – well you have the better version! Anyway, thank you for reading and see you soon with another post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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