Blogmas 2: Nacreous clouds & amazing sunsets.

Not much is going on lately, as you can clearly see by looking at recent posts, but the weather outside is making up for it. Or rather, making the view.


I’ve become very lazy, and it’s not just because it’s dark most of the time or that I work just weekends. We’re living in a place, where you can’t go anywhere by walking, and I don’t have any car myself right now. I feel stuck here.


I would say completely honestly, that the only good thing with our moving here is the view. Besides that, anything else is worse. “Sånn et livet” a Norwegian would say (That’s life). I’m grateful for the opportunity, but change itself is scary and if all goes for worse, anyone would just complain.


But from the positives, I saw a pair of nacreous (polar stratospheric) clouds. What stroke me the most about them, is that they look like small rainbows stuck in between clouds. Apparently, it’s very rare also.


Also, we’re going home for Christmas (which means both Slovenia and Poland), so hopefully I will have some fresh pics. Now just waiting and trying to be festive.


Have a nice following week and see you soon!


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