Blogmas #1: Norwegian winter poems.

My Blogmas isn’t typical Blogmas you would expect from a blogger. I neither have it for 24 or 25 days nor will I write about typical Christmas-around subjects. Of course, some of them might be, well, in a festive spirit, but I will try to reach something different. Because how much similar content is out there anyway? (photo above taken by my lovely boyfriend).

Before I start though: those are my translations, so if there are mistakes, I’m sorry. Enjoy!


Julaften Sigbjørn Obstfelder (1893)

Julaften med julelys i vinduerne,
bugnende juletrær i storstuerne,
julesang ud gjennemm dørsprækkerne!
Jeg vanked alene i gaderne
og lytted til barnesangene.
Jeg satte mig ned på trapperne
og tænkte på min døde mor.
Og jeg gik ud på markerne –
ud – blandt stjernerne.
Min skygge gled hen over skyggerne
af dødningearmede trær.
Jeg fandt et lig mellem sneglimtene,
et lig, som endnu bævrede,
en stakkels frostdød spurv.
Og jeg gik bort til mit tagkammer
og satte lyset i min flaske.
Jeg satte lyset i min flaske
og la bibelen på min kiste.
Jeg knæled ned ved min kiste
og blæste støvet af min bibel.
Jeg folded hænder over min bibel
og gråt.


Christmas eve!
Christmas eve with fairy lights on the windows,
Ample Christmas trees in living rooms,
Christmas song out through the door-chink!
I wandered alone in the streets
and listened to kids singing.
I sat on the stairs
and thought about my dead mother.
And I went out on the edges –
out – among the stars.
My shadow gladdens there, above shadows
of trees with fright arms.
I found a corpse between snow glints,
snowy Christmas lights,
a corpse, which still is preserved,
a wretched frozen sparrow.
And I went away to my chamber
and set up light in my bottle.
I set the light in my bottle
and laid the Bible on my coffin.
I kneeled down by my coffin
and blew out dust from my Bible.
I folded my hands above my Bible
and cried.


{author unknown)

Snøen daler bedagelig ned,
fargene forsvinner sakte avsted,
om ikke lenge vil alt være hvitt,
se så fint det med vinteren har blitt.


The snow falls down leisurely,
colors disappear from here slowly,
soon white will be all the things
look how winter beauty brings.


Thank you so much for reading and see you on Tuesday! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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