Blogmas #2: Christmas music? Lo-fi!

After all those serious topics it’s time for another Blogmas. Beside lo-fi it shall be one cover from Michael Buble “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” because it’s so cozy, jazzy and snowy I just can’t resist. Here’s my little Christmas lo-fi list.

Let me start with my absolute fave. This is so classy and peaceful, just what Christmas really is (or should be). There are of course tons of covers of this particular song, so if you aren’t a fan of Mr.Buble you can as well look for your own favorite!

Okay, that’s it from “typical” Christmas songs. What you would say for some good ol’ lofi but in a festive arrangement? Soft jazzy noises and Christmas bells are what’s the best within them. And of course, some audio clips from Christmas movies are also included!

The one below I mainly picked because of a graphic to be completely honest. It starts with such nice bass also and it’s half shorter than the previous one. So if you’re having busy Christmas preparations and have little to no time for chill, try this one:

That wouldn’t be a good list with only two mixes, so here’s a third one. I wasn’t thinking long about this selection, but those are the ones that took my attention the most (especially the first one which I discovered accidentally). The one below is called “Snow-Fi”, which is a nice quibble (wordplay). The animation is also cute if you, like me, miss snow. I wish I could be in Norway for Christmas just to have this snowy atmosphere, but, well, this time is different. Everyone in snowy countries – I’m jealous!

2 hours and 40 minutes of winterish lo-fi should be enough for now. Okay, I will put one more song, a short one for a change. If you wish to find something more, you can just try the “suggested” section (which is how I discover most of my music these days, to be honest).

However, I don’t want to leave you guys with just that, so here’s one more winter picture, from Norway this year.


Have a great week everyone and hope you’re in a festive mood as well! There will be only one more Blogmas after that, so stay tuned. See you on Saturday!

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