Blogmas 4: Back in Hamar.

So, I’ve asked for free last Saturday and luckily I got it. Because we never have free together like that, we decided to drive to Hamar to spend some time and in the evening we went to “julebord” (more about it later).

We always like to go back to Hamar, even though the weather might not be the best or we don’t have so much time to spare. There’s just something in this city that we both enjoy and we have many memories attached to the place. It’s just pure sentiment I guess.

We didn’t have much time there, so we just went to the local shopping center (because in our area there’s nothing so big), for a cheeky little cheeseburger (because we had some small coins left in pockets) and to stroll by the Mjøsa.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the “julebord” that we went to in the evening. It was in Våler, in a hotel. “Julebord” is basically an office Christmas party, but not from my work, but from my partner’s. I walked inside the place I was petrified because I saw men and women that I don’t even know all dressed up in ties and dresses and everyone was holding a glass of champagne. They served typical Norwegian Christmas food (ribs, sausages, potatoes, seafood and some kind of waffles). It was a nice experience (the only pictures I have is this one, with the dress. It’s silly, I know).

Thank you so much for reading and see you on Wednesday with new Blogmas. Have a nice week everyone!


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