Blogmas 5: Falling snow & life update.

There will be some changes next year (not only blog-wise).

Here’s the clip of snow falling I took two weeks ago. I wanted to use it in one of my blogs but just didn’t know where. Also because some of my readers come from countries where snow doesn’t appear, so that’s for you guys.

And about changes.

1. Blog

From 2020 I will be making 1 blog post per week instead of 2 (probably on Sunday) because I want to focus on quality instead of quantity, and also I’ve been struggling this year with consistency because of that. I want to write about topics like minimalism, saving money (in Norway), showing the “real” Norway (not the one you can see elsewhere).

2. Life

If you read me, quite often you could get an impression that I don’t like where I am right now. Frankly, that’s the truth, and both I and my partner want to move out, most likely to Oslo or the suburbs. We want better jobs and to be surrounded by some people (because here’s almost like in the desert). It’s quite a big step to take so it will probably take us a few months before we can reach it.

That’s it for today. If you have any opinion about what I should write about, let me know down in the comments. Have a nice week everyone!


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