Summer poem.

The warm evenings of late July
The pink and purples covering
the sky just wondering
if you’re at the same place as I
am or if I’m mistaken and misplaced.

Do I have to cross this street
or will u make the search for me?
Will you check behind the tree?
It’s warm so we can stay outside.
But it’s getting dark.

The warm evenings of late July
Did I hear mosquitoes or was that just
someone’s cry?
I was just wondering if you were here
or we were just lost somewhere.

Nature – a poem.

The evenings after work are usually very unproductive – but sometimes they turn into a proper art spectacle: here’s both my artworks and my poem.

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Little bit elsewhere – a poem.

Polish original (mine of course) and then translated into English.

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One sunset – a poem.

From all the colors,
sunset picks the best ones.
It doesn’t steal them, but they
vanish as it goes down.
Closed in a moment,
in forever won’t be found.


I hope you guys are all healthy and staying positive. Or at least trying. If not then play the tune that I uploaded, closed your eyes and imagine you’re somewhere peaceful, the wind is slightly blowing and there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe that will help.

Thank you for reading and see you guys soon! Before I finish though, I would like to give a shoutout to two of the fellow followers because I’ve noticed, already long time ago, that they really support me, always first to like, even if the content isn’t always good. So New Lune and DirtySciFiBuddha thank you for your support.

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