A Friday poem.

I’m studying Norwegian literature at the moment and got inspired to write a poem in Norwegian. Of course, I translated it into English, but just so you know which language is original (because only the original language of a poem can give full “feeling” of the poem)

Kjærlighet? Ja, det hadde vært
Mye om det, ganske søtt sagt.
Ikke si, det du ikke trenger,
Bare kom fort, her i senger.
Bare glem seg, glem seg bort,
Med meg og kanskje vi begge
Vi skal glemme oss igjen,
Hva den kjærligheten var.

*** translation ***

Love? Yes, it had been
Much about it, quite sweetly said.
Don’t say, what you don’t need,
Just come fast here, in beds.
Just forget about it, forget about it,
With me and maybe we both
We’ll forget again,
What that love was.


Thank you guys for reading! The poem has nothing to do with my current life, it’s just come out of pure melancholy. I hope it’s not too bad translation also. See you soon! (Don’t know when I will have time to write though).


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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